Coaching Testimonials

Note: Due to the confidential nature of the Coaching process, testimonial names have been purposefully omitted.

Brenda Bence Provides Coaching to a Client

"Working with Brenda as a coach is one of the most sensible, rewarding, and productive things I have done for myself personally and professionally. The process was challenging as it required me to focus on myself after a long time. It involved both thoughtful reflection as well as specific and focused actions, a combination that worked wonders in moving forward with several 'good intentions' that I have had but had never really made the time to execute. I am so much clearer on who I am and where I want to go, and the changes in me are apparent to all around me, both at work and in my personal life. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Brenda."
Chief Information Officer, Top 50 Global Bank

"It has been a privilege and an honor to have had Brenda as my coach this past year. When we started working together, I was an individual who had spent almost twenty years in corporate America, so I thought I had seen it all. But, it was refreshing and inspiring to work with Brenda and to achieve milestones that I could not have imagined I was capable of achieving in such a short amount of time. I would not have gained this valuable experience in large corporations nor do I feel I would have achieved some of these personal and professional goals if it were not for working directly with Brenda!

"Brenda is truly rare in this world, both as a person and as a professional. She is an incredible asset to any organization because of her professionalism, integrity, and wit. She has an uncanny ability to motivate individuals such as myself and to help push others to think critically, constructively and often outside the box! I have learned – and continue to learn – a great deal about myself through various tools and techniques Brenda incorporated into our sessions, and I am forever inspired from this experience!"
Senior Executive, Managed Care, Fortune 200 Pharmaceutical Company

"If you're looking for one of the smartest investments you can make in your career – this is it! I called Brenda after being offered a large promotion. She immediately helped me develop my own goals to measure effectiveness in my new role, considering also peripheral changes like relocation and relationship impacts.

Brenda’s listening skills are first rate. She would pick up on issues instinctively, prepare thoroughly for sessions, and teach me techniques to deal with specific situations I was facing. Brenda would employ a good mix of behavioral models, role playing tough discussions, “in their shoes” empathy exercises, and mapping out actions to take by our next session. Brenda keeps you focused on taking small actions that move you incrementally toward your goals throughout the coaching process.

I loved Brenda’s coaching style and her desire for feedback along the way to ensure it was working for me. Overall, coaching with Brenda was a very worthwhile investment with a great ROI of increased job responsibility, satisfaction, and remuneration."
Managing Director, Asia Pacific - Top 10 Global Marketing Communications Agency

"Working with Brenda provided me with clarity and direction during a real juncture in my career. Her goal-oriented approach put me on a path to achieve far more than I could have on my own. I wholeheartedly endorse her."
Senior Executive, Automotive Parts Industry

"As a successful banker, I thought I didn't need help with my career 'game plan.' What changed my mind was Brenda's persistent questions about my 'aspirations.' Truth be told, I felt I was too busy to consider them. Over the following months, Brenda led me through an evaluation of my aspirations, career goals, and quality of life. I emerged with a clear picture, for the first time, of how to connect them all. Brenda's sessions are not geared just towards 'getting ahead' but rather towards whether the path I was on was the right one. In the end, it was exactly what I wanted and needed, and I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Brenda."
Regional Director, Leading Multinational Corporate/Investment Bank

"Having Brenda as an executive coach over the past 10 months was an amazing experience, one which I can – without hesitation – recommend to other individuals considering such an undertaking. From the very first session, when we set what I believed to be very stretching goals for myself (which, in all honesty, I thought were unachievable at the time!), Brenda led me on a journey of learning and discovery. The improvements in my confidence, self-belief, and general well-being are there for all to see, in both a business and personal context. The process was very challenging at times – as Brenda indicated it might be at the outset – but the effort was all worthwhile. Now, I look forward to continuing to reap the rewards and, hopefully, to working with Brenda again in the future."
Regional Supply Chain Director, Global Fortune 500 Company

"What a pivotal experience it was to work with you!"
President, Entrepreneurial Start Up Company

"Without hesitation, I would recommend Brenda as a coach to other executives. As I embarked on my journey with Brenda, I had little idea about what to expect from an executive coaching programme and have to say I was slightly nervous. However, from the first session, Brenda fully explained how the process would work, what would be expected of me and also what she would bring to the process from her background and experience, not only in the area of executive coaching but also in a wider business context.

One of the comments Brenda made at the outset was that the sessions and the programme we are working through are all about me. She promised that there is no hidden agenda from her side and that the development and achievement of my agreed goals is her sole objective. Of course, Brenda has been true to her word and having this focus has been so rewarding for me – it's not often one gets the chance to fully focus on oneself! Another important point she made during session 1 was that the process might feel uncomfortable at times as we looked at obstacles to achieving my goals, and these comments allowed me to enter into things with my eyes wide open. In summary, I am about halfway through my planned programme with Brenda and am finding it thoroughly rewarding as I make good progress towards meeting my primary goals. Again, I would recommend Brenda as a coach to other colleagues and contacts."
Senior Executive, Operations Multi-National Chemical Corporation

"I had always considered myself fairly successful but not a huge over-achiever, so the prospect of executive coaching appealed to me. I had been aware of it for some years, and when the opportunity arose to work with Brenda, I jumped at it. I have known Brenda for several years on a social basis, but we had no professional contact.

There was a lot of effort and soul-searching over the four months of the project, and not all of it pleasant, by any means. Brenda was skilled at leading me through the process of identifying stumbling blocks and devising actions to overcome them. I have become more focused, more demanding (of myself and others) with higher expectations, more confident, and have gained an enhanced awareness of the impacts of events on others. I have realized that I am more resilient and determined than I had thought, and also a bit more patient and calm than before. I learned how to look continually for creative solutions and for ways to make the workplace more productive without alienating colleagues. The sessions have reinforced the simple fact that we have to take full, not partial, responsibility for our actions and the consequences thereof.

I wasn't sure what to expect at the outset of our project – perhaps an extreme management makeover? Brenda held up a mirror, helping me to discover and address personal shortcomings in order to achieve my goals. She reinforced and encouraged me to follow my strengths while working on improving what I perceived as my weaknesses. I felt that I received excellent value for money during the coaching process, and I recommend Brenda as an Executive Coach without hesitation for anyone who is serious about self-improvement and reaching stretching goals."
CEO, Human Resources Consulting Firm

"Executive Coaching by Brenda helped me achieve several long-term aspirations that were important to me, both personally and professionally. Brenda's approach is direct and effective. It was really empowering to reach my goals, and I feel great about it!"
General Manager, Airline Industry

"Brenda and I embarked on a journey through my life for several months. I didn't quite know the destination at first, but Brenda had all of the precise instruments for the journey. She had a light that revealed many treasures in me, matches that would blaze a trail and burn all rubbish, and action items to keep me energized. Before I knew it, I was in a place of freedom, that was high in altitude, and unfamiliar, yet it suited me well. Brenda has left me with these instruments, to continue traveling on my path. Many thanks to Brenda for traveling with me on my journey that thrust me into uncharted territories. I shall never go back and I shall never live my old life again! Brenda is a talented coach and a great human being. I recommend you don't just read what I'm saying, try her for yourself!"
U.S.-Based Phone Client, Ophthalmic Practice

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